These poems are the ones I in 2011 thought would survive. By then, I had been writing sporadically, both in Norwegian and in English. I understood I was learning how to write. I collected the poems in the realm of my last psychoses, which was a terrible one, and the collection was one of my first creations on internet after the break. I deleted my Google account in the psychoses, since my work was being manipulated. After a while, I took the collection down. The reason for it was that I came to the conclusion iambic lines should have iambic endings, trochaic lines should have trochaic endings, and so forth, and besides that, God gave me the idea the poems were not good enough. Today, March the 5th in 2018, I looked through the poems again, for the first time since 2012, I believe, and decided I would publish the collection. It shows what occupied me in 2011.